no holds barred

no holds barred
no holds barred
Not observing any rules of fair play (noˈ-holds-barredˈ adjective)
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no holds barred phrase
without any limit on what you are allowed to do

They can say anything they like, no holds barred.

the demand for a no-holds-barred investigation

Thesaurus: not limited or restrictedsynonym
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(in wrestling) with no restrictions on the kinds of holds that are used
figurative used to convey that no rules or restrictions apply in a conflict or dispute

no-holds-barred military action

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no holds barred — see hold, 2
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no holds barred
◇ If there are no holds barred, there are no limits or rules for what can and cannot be done in a particular situation. — see also no-holds-barred
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ˌno ˌholds ˈbarred idiom
with no rules or limits on what sb is allowed to do

There will be no holds barred in his interview with the president this evening.

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